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1.Residential Interior Design

Designing your home and creating interiors that fit the functioning of your house but also reflects your personal test.
A home is a personal space and an excellent residential interior design personalizes the designs of homes.

2. Commercial Interior Design

Our service involves designing and planning the interior spaces of commercial establishments such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces.

3. Space Planning 

Interior design done entirely online- it's perfect for clients who want a design direction and designer expertise but want to implement the project themselves. This service includes a vision board, furniture plan, detailed room wall elevations, a complete product list, as well as directions to make your space come together.  

4. Consulting

This services includes:
- Color Consulting 
- FF&E Consultant(Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Consultant)
- Light Consulting 

5. 3D Visualisation 

Our experienced team offers personal and creative approach.
We deliver for our clients high quality
3D interior design visualisation. 

6. Property Styling 

Our purpose of property styling is to prepare a home for a sale by presenting its full potential. It involves the use of a wide range of presentation and design techniques to improve the look and appeal of your home in front of buyers viewing it.
- Working with real estate    agents and vendors
- Styling display homes
  for sales


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