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Maria Munteanu

Director of Design

Her journey in Interior Design world has started a while back when she graduated with honors from Creanga university with a B.B.A. in Fine Arts and Interior Design, followed later on by a degree in Interior Design taken in Dubai, UAE.

Art was always in her DNA, is what she is passionate about and this is expressed thru her Art pieces, YES , that's right, she is a Fine Artist as well.

Maria´s commitment to the authenticity of an environment and its architecture leaves a lasting mark, while her daring eclecticism always creates warm and approachable spaces. She holds to the belief that design is more than just building a space; it’s about creating an atmosphere. She does this by seeking to find balance between aesthetics and function, combining the luxuries of a resort with the warmth and comfort of a private residence. Living and traveling abroad influence her design decisions, and inform the sources and inspirations from which she draws.

Maria Munteanu
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